Inputs for organic production

This standard provides access to the following markets:

Ukraine and other countries where the product is registered, for use by certified organic market operators.

Information about the standard:

The Standard for Production and Distribution of Inputs for Organic Agricultural Production and Food/Feed Processing is a private standard of Organic Standard Ltd. It encompasses the process of confirmation and/or certification of permitted inputs that can be used in organic crop production, animal husbandry, aquaculture, and food/feed processing.

It is based on the principles and criteria of IFOAM Standards, the EU Organic Regulation, the Canada Organic Regime (COR), and the Law of Ukraine "On Basic Principles and Requirements for Organic Production, Circulation and Labelling of Organic Products".


Additional materials

List of documents that the Operator must submit to the certification body

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Brand Book

The guidelines and limitations for using the name and trademark of Organic Standard, along with options for making references to certification.

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