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We use cookies to improve the functionality of our website.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website stores on a user's computer or mobile device when they visit the site.

These cookies may stay on user's computer for a set period or until they are deleted manually. They can be classified as first-party cookies, set directly by the visited website, or third-party cookies, set by other websites.

Each time you visit the Organic Standard website, we will ask for your consent to store cookies. Giving your consent allows our website to remember your settings for a certain period, enhancing your browsing experience. However, if you choose not to agree, some website functionalities may be limited.

Additionally, we may use cookies to collect anonymous statistics about the visits to our website.

How We Use Cookies

To ensure the smooth functioning of the Organic Standard website, we only utilize first-party cookies. These cookies are set and managed exclusively by Organic Standard Ltd. However, for a more convenient experience while browsing specific pages on our website, it is necessary to allow third-party cookies from external organizations, which are beyond our control.

The information stored in these cookies, whether by us or third-party services, is used to analyze user access to the website. This analysis helps us enhance the website's performance and user-friendliness.

Operational cookies

Certain technical cookies, known as "operational cookies," are essential for the proper operation of the website. Therefore, they do not require your explicit consent.

user authentication; consent to the use of cookies
A technical cookie that allows the website to identify whether the user is authenticated and also stores cookie settings (so that we don't need to ask you again)
Type and storage duration
The first-party cookie file that will be automatically removed after one week from its installation.

Third-party Cookies

At times, our website may include content from external providers, such as Google LLC. These services are essential for certain website features, like map integration, and for analyzing website visits to enhance our site's performance.

Please note that these external resources may gather and process your data, including information about the pages you've visited on our website, and other data automatically transmitted from your device.

To access third-party content, you must first agree to the specific terms and conditions set by the content owners, which include their own cookie policy beyond our control. Alternatively, you have the choice to decline viewing this content and avoid the storage of third-party cookies by not clicking the 'Accept' button.

Third-party providers on the Organic Standard website:


Google Maps

Google Analytics

Please note that third-party providers may change their terms of service at any time, and Organic Standard cannot influence their policies.

We do not use the information stored in cookies to identify individual users, send mass email messages, or deliver advertisements without the user's consent. Furthermore, user information obtained through cookies is neither sold nor made publicly available.

For more details on how we use your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

How to Allow or Disable the Use of Cookies?

You have the option to manage your cookie preferences at any time using your web browser settings. You can allow or disable the use of cookies, set up notifications for their usage, or modify your preferences according to your needs. For detailed guidance on how to do this and to learn more about how cookies are used, please refer to the "Help" section of your web browser.

Please be aware that disabling cookies might restrict your access to certain website features and functionalities. If you choose not to consent to the use of cookies or intentionally delete all cookie files from your web browser, you will be prompted again to provide cookie consent during your future visits to the website.


We may periodically make changes to our Cookies Policy. The updated version will be published on this website with the current date.

Updated: 19th July 2023