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Do you want to boost your employees' competencies and enhance your organization's efficiency?
Would you like to gain knowledge about the requisites for organic production and circulation, as well as the certification procedure?
Do you require assistance in preparing your company for the implementation of organic standards or getting ready for organic product exports?
We invite you to Organic School — an online educational project from Organic Standard!
At the Organic School, you can acquire knowledge in various branches of organic production according to the Legislation of Ukraine and the EU Regulations, pass tests and receive relevant certificates.
As a certification body, we possess unparalleled expertise in comprehending the standards' requirements.

If your organization is looking for corporate training, we are here to assist you!

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The experts at Organic Standard are leading specialists in the field, possessing extensive knowledge in organic production. Our specialists are active members of expert working groups dedicated to enhancing organic production and circulation legislation.

We have considerable experience organizing and conducting conferences, seminars, Field Days, and national pavilions at Ukrainian and international exhibitions.

In partnership with our collaborators, we also provide valuable knowledge sources for the market, including:

  • "List of Inputs and Methods Permitted for Use in Organic Production", created in partnership with QFTP, FiBL, and Safoso
  • "Handbook of organic production and market consultants", in partnership with QFTP, FiBL, and Safoso
  • Catalog of Ukrainian exporters of organic product, in partnership with Organic Initiative and Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office
  • Export Guide, developed in collaboration with Agritrade
  • Guide for export to Canada titled "I CAN EXPORT: Exporting to Canada. Environmental Opportunities and Regulation", in partnership with CUTIS
  • The research study on the Ukrainian Market of Organic Fruit and Vegetable Products, conducted in collaboration with OrganicBusiness and UHBDP.
Organic Industry Handbooks and Catalogs

Developing organic market

The development of the organic market has been and remains a top priority for our company since our inception. Organic Standard actively contributes to this process with our expertise and capabilities. We are genuinely thrilled about the expanding range of organic products in the domestic market and the increasing volume, as well as the value of exported goods. The achievements of our clients serve as a constant inspiration to us. Every year, starting from 2016, we conduct research on the organic market of Ukraine.

You can explore the publications and infographics on our partner's website, OrganicInfo.

In partnership with the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office, we have created the "Catalog of Organic Product Exporters" to strengthen the success of our exporters in expanding their product reach.

Let's join forces in fostering market growth!

Developing organic market

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