EU Regulation 2018/848

This standard provides access to the following markets:

Primarily the EU, as well as the United Kingdom, Norway, and other countries, including those without their own organic legislation.

Information about the standard:

EU Regulation No 2018/848 repeals and replaces the previous legislation (Regulation (EC) No 834/2007) from 1 January 2022. Currently it is the primary foundational document that outlines the rules for organic production and labeling of organic products within the European Union. Based on Regulation (EU) No 2018/848, the following secondary acts have been adopted by the Commission:

  • Delegated regulations serving as acts of general implementation that supplement or replace specific parts of the foundational regulation;
  • Implementing regulations used to specify universal conditions for implementing certain requirements.

Secondary acts on organic production cover the following main areas: production and labeling, control and circulation. They also contain detailed requirements for organic production of various categories of products (crops, livestock, aquaculture, processed food, winemaking products, feed, and other products additionally included in the scope of regulation).

Certification according to this standard allows Operators to label their products with the use of the organic logo (better known as Euro-leaf) and export them as organic to EU countries and beyond.

Organic Standard is accredited by the International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS) to conduct inspection and certification activities in accordance with this standard.

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Additional materials

Certificate of Accreditation

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List of documents that the Operator must submit to the certification body

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Brand Book

Regarding the use of the Organic Standard trademark.

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