Certification of Mushroom Cultivation

Conducting certification of Mushroom Cultivation is an important focus of our work, where we have unique expertise. Precisely, the first project in Ukraine was implemented under the Organic Standard's certification.

Organic mushroom cultivation refers to the organic production of mushrooms in accordance with specific standards and requirements.

We have experience in certifying mushroom cultivation according to international standards, particularly the EU Organic Regulation.

The range of certified mushroom production in Ukraine includes various species, such as Lentinula edodes (shiitake) and Pleurotus eryngii (king oyster mushroom).

Certification involves the thorough verification and assessment of production methods and products to ensure compliance with organic regulations. Upon successful certification, we issue internationally recognized certificates, granting our clients access to premium organic markets.

Organic Standard provides a comprehensive range of services that encompass inspections and certification based on various standards and ongoing support for the Operator during the entire certification process. We place great importance on the expertise of our specialists and continuously enhance their skills and qualifications. As a result, this approach allows us to deliver high-quality service to our clients.

Requirements for Mushroom Cultivation

The general requirements for organic mushroom cultivation are as follows:

  • emphasizing the use of renewable and on-site resources
  • employing technologies that prioritize the well-being of human health, plants, and animal welfare while minimizing or preventing environmental pollution.

For mushroom cultivation, the following substrates are allowed if they consist solely of the following components:

  • stable manure and animal excrements (preferably from organic production units or in-conversion production units)
  • products of agricultural origin obtained from organic production units
  • peat that was not treated with chemical products
  • wood that was not treated with chemical products after felling
  • permitted mineral products, water, and soil.

Organic Standards and Regulations

Organic Legislation of Ukraine

Organic Legislation of Ukraine

Certification in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine is mandatory for the production and sale of organic products in Ukraine.

IACB Standard equivalent to the EU Regulations

IACB Standard equivalent to the EU Regulations

Certification according to the IACB Equivalent EU Organic Production & Processing Standard for Third Countries is currently the only option for exporting organic products from Ukraine to the EU.

EU Regulation 2018/848

EU Regulation 2018/848

Certification in accordance with EU Regulation 2018/848 for exports to EU countries from Ukraine will be mandatory no earlier than 2024.

Canada Organic Regime (COR)

Canada Organic Regime (COR)

Certification according to COR is an important requirement for exporting organic products to Canada, which can also facilitate exports to the United States.

If you have any questions, please contact our specialist

Vira Pasatska

Deputy Head of Certification Department