Staryi Porytsk, LLC

Certificate valid
Company name Staryi Porytsk, LLC
Contact person Mykola Ihorovych Yuskovеts
Organic products spelt (dinkel wheat)(2022), spring barley(2022), soybean(2022), corn(2022), winter rye(2022), lupine(2022), alfalfa(2022), oats(2022), winter barley(2022), buckwheat(2022), oats(2021), buckwheat(2021), vetch(2022), vetch(2021), austrian winter pea(2022), clover(2022), lentil(2017), radish(raphanus)(2019), cream butter extra, fat 82,5% , shveitsaria hard cheese, fat 50%, staroporytskyi hard cheese, fat 35%, mozzarella brine cheese, fat 45% , ricotta cheese, low fat , brynza brine cheese, fat 40% , butter milk, milk whey 0,1%, cottage cheese, low fat, cottage cheese, 9% fat, cheddar hard cheese, fat 50%, caciotta brine cheese, fat 40% , suluguni brine cheese, fat 40%, halloumi brine cheese, fat 40%, pasteurised caw milk, fat 1.5%, pasteurised cow milk with 2.5% fat content, pasteurised caw milk, 3,6% fat, pasteurised caw kefir, fat 1 % , pasteurised caw kefir, fat 2,5 % , sour cream with 20% fat content, yoghurt natural, fat 1 %, yoghurt greek, fat 10 %, gouda staroporytska hard cheese, fat 45% , adygeiskyi brine cheese, fat 40% , yogurt raspberry, fat 1%, yogurt strawberry, fat 1%, yogurt blueberry, fat 1%, buckwheat, buckwheat crushed, spelt flour, cottage cheese, fat 5 % , fermented baked milk, fat 3,2-4,0%, baked milk, fat 3,2-4,0%, cottage cheese pancake, cottage cheese pancake with dill, yogurt raspberry, fat 3%, yogurt strawberry, fat 3%, yogurt blueberry, fat 3%, cream cheese, cream cheese with strawberry, cream cheese with raspberry, cream cheese with blueberry, lazy varenyky, milk cows, fattening pigs, male bovines between 1 and 2 year, cattle between 1 and 2 years, fresh unprocessed cow milk, cattle more than 2 years, calves < 1year, boar
Products in conversion
Decertified products
Standard equivalent to Reg (EC) No 834/07, 889/08

Number of certificate and term of validity 22-0336-13-01 , 2023-12-31
Сertified activity Crop production; Processing; Export/Import; Animal husbandry
Country Ukraine
Region Volyn
District Ivanychi
Place Staryi Porytsk village
Phone +38(033)772-24-05; +38 097 874 0682; +38(097)952-00-32
Added 21.05.2015 16:12

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