Goncharov Andrіi, PEI

Certificate valid
Company name Goncharov Andrіi, PEI
Contact person Andrіi Volodymyrovych Goncharov
Organic products barberry, fruits, barberry, fruits dried, iceland moss , iceland moss dried, bilberry, fruits , bilberry, fruits dried , rowanberry, fruits , rowanberry, fruits dried, lycopodium spores , lycopodium, dried spores , lime, flowers , lime flowers dried, elderberry, flowers, elderberry, flowers dried, hawthorn, flowers , hawthorn, flowers dried, cowslip primrose, flower , cowslip primrose, flower dried , arnica montana, flowers , arnica montana, flowers dried, common heather, flowers , common heather, flowers dried, coltsfoot, flower, coltsfoot, flower dried , blackthorn, flowers , blackthorn, flowers dried, white dead-nettle, flowers , white dead-nettle, flowers dried, common tansy, flowers , common tansy, flowers dried, mullein, flowers, mullein, flowers dried, hoary willowherb, leaf  , hoary willowherb, dried leaf , ivy, leaf  , ivy, dried leaf , common hedgenettle, leaf   , common hedgenettle, dried leaf , wild thyme, leaf   , wild thyme, dried leaf , wild raspberry, leaf , wild raspberry, dried leaf , wild dewberries, leaf  , wild dewberries, dried leaf , great burnet, leaf , great burnet, dried leaf , meadowsweet, leaf , meadowsweet, dried leaf , wild strawberry, leaf  , wild strawberry, dried leaf  , common agrimony, grass , common agrimony, grass dried, verbena, leaf , verbena, dried leaf , common speedwell, leaf , common speedwell, dried leaf , lungwort, leaf  , lungwort, dried leaf , hedge woundwort, leaf , hedge woundwort, dried leaf , common centaury, leaf, common centaury, dried leaf  , kinnikinnick, leaf , kinnikinnick, dried leaf , common lady's mantle, leaf, common lady's mantle, dried leaf , eyebright, leaf , eyebright, dried leaf , hazelwort, leaf , hazelwort, dried leaf , marsh cudweed, leaf  , marsh cudweed, dried leaf , oregano, leaf , oregano, dried leaf , wild pansy, leaf  , wild pansy, dried leaf , wormwood, leaf , wormwood, dried leaf , common yarrow, leaf  , common yarrow, dried leaf , field horsetail, leaf , field horsetail, dried leaf , common club moss, leaf  , common club moss, dried leaf , three-lobe beggartick, leaf  , three-lobe beggartick, dried leaf , st john's-wort, leaf , st john's-wort, dried leaf , white dead-nettle, leaf , white dead-nettle, dried leaf , quinquelobate motherwort, leaf , quinquelobate motherwort, dried leaf , plantain, leaf, plantain, dried leaf , ribwort plantain, leaf, ribwort plantain, dried leaf , yellow bedstraw, leaf, yellow bedstraw, dried leaf, ground elder, leaf, ground elder, dried leaf , nettle, leaf, stinging nettle, leaves dried, birch, leaf, birch, leaf dried, periwinkle, leaf  , periwinkle, dried leaf , dandelion, root , dandelion, root dried, curly dock, root , curly dock, dried root , comfrey, root , comfrey, dried root , sweet flag, root, sweet flag, dried root, tormentil, root, tormentil, dried root, cinquefoil, root, cinquefoil, dried root, restharrows, root, restharrows, dried root, common soapwort, root, common soapwort, dried root, wood avens, root  , wood avens, dried root  , burnet-saxifrage, root  , burnet-saxifrage, dried root , nettle, root , nettle, dried root , solomon's seal, root , solomon's seal, dried root , horseradish, root , horseradish, dried root , oak, bark, oak, dried bark, willow, bark, willow, bark dried , common stinkhorn, mushroom, common stinkhorn, dried mushroom, black wood ear, mushroom, black wood ear, dried mushroom, cep, cep dried, beech, seeds (nuts), beech, seeds (nuts) dried, pine, buds, pine, buds dried
Products in conversion
Decertified products
Standard equivalent to Reg (EC) No 834/07, 889/08

Number of certificate and term of validity 21-1474-01-01 , 2022-12-31
Сertified activity Wild collection; Processing; Export/Import
Country Ukraine
Region Ivano-Frankivsk
Place Ivano-Frankivsk city
Phone +38 097 344 5992; +38 067 342 4494
E-mail lisnicya@gmail.com;

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