Brancho Ukraine, LLC

Certificate valid
Company name Brancho Ukraine, LLC
Contact person Andrіi Shkliar
Organic products fruit-roll "apple – strawberry", fruit-roll "apple – rhubarb – honey", fruit-roll "apple – raspberry", chips apple, edible fruit and berry tea "apple-black currant - pear", edible fruit and berry tea "apple-pear-raspberry-cranberry", edible fruit and berry tea "apple-black currant- pear-cranberry-strawberry ", apricot dried, black chokeberry, fruits dried, aubergine dried, sweet potato dried, lingonberry, fruits dried, elderberry fruits dried, dried red beet, dried pumpkin, hawthorn fruits dried, ​dried melon, cranberry fruits, dried, vegetable marrow dried, watermelon dried , cornel fruits dried, dried blueberry, raspberry fruits dried , carrot dried, nectarine dried, sea-buckthorn fruits, dried, blackberry fruits, dried, peach dried, pepper dried, dried tomatoes, plum fruits, dried , dried blackcurrant, blackthorn fruits dried, onion dried, garlic dried, bilberry dried, rosehip, fruits dried, apple, dried , juniperus communis fruits dried, freeze-dried raspberry, freeze-dried blackberry, freeze-dried blueberry , freeze-dried vegetable marrow, freeze-dried red beet, freeze-dried pepper, freeze-dried tomato, freeze-dried radish, freeze-dried cauliflower, freeze-dried kohlrabi, freeze-dried broccoli, freeze-dried asparagus bean, freeze-dried strawberry , freeze-dried aubergine, freeze-dried onion, freeze-dried leek, freeze-dried sweet potato , freeze-dried currant, freeze-dried red currant , freeze-dried cucumber , freeze-dried watermelon , freeze-dried melon , freeze-dried pumpkin, freeze-dried plum, freeze-dried peach, freeze-dried nectarine, freeze-dried banana, freeze-dried mango, freeze-dried black chokeberry, freeze-dried apple, freeze-dried wild cherry, freeze-dried cherry, freeze-dried pear , walnut fruits, wallnut kernel, freeze-dried raspberry grits, freeze-dried raspberry powder, freeze-dried wild blueberry powder, freeze-dried bilberry, strawberry fruits, dried, wild cherry dried, strawberry dried, peppermint dried , guelder rose dried, pear dried, cherry dried, gooseberry dried, fruit-roll "apple"
Products in conversion
Decertified products
Standard equivalent to Reg (EC) No 834/07, 889/08

Number of certificate and term of validity 22-1609-01-01 , 2023-12-31
Сertified activity Processing; Trade; Export/Import
Country Ukraine
Place Kyiv city
Phone +380632615389; +38(063)-249-42-65

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