Herbatica, LLC

Certificate valid
Company name Herbatica, LLC
Contact person Olеksіi Volodymyrovych Talaiev
Organic products st. john's wort grass, st. john's wort, grass dried, iceland moss fresh, iceland moss dried, chestnuts fresh, chestnuts dried, alder buckthorn bark, calamus, root fresh, calamus, dried root, comfrey, root, comfrey, root dried, european white birch leaves, silver birch, leaf dried, bogbean, leaf, bogbean, dried leaf, stinging nettle, grass fresh, nettle, leaves dried, european raspberry leaves , raspberry, dried leaves, blackberry, leaves fresh , blackberry, leaves dried, common hawthorn fruits, common hawthorn fruits dried, sea-buckthorn fruits, sea-buckthorn fruits, dried, bilberry fruits fresh, bilberry dried, rosehip fruits fresh, rosehip, fruits dried, elderberry fruits, fresh, elderberry fruits dried, elderberry flower fresh, elderberry flower dried, yarrow grass, wormwood grass, field horsetail grass, field horsetail, dried shoots  , common heather, flowers, common heather, dried flowers, chamomile flowers, frangula, dried bark , viola, flowers, viola, dried flowers, motherwort, herb, motherwort, dried herb, german camomile, dried flowers, yarrow, dried herb, wormwood, dried herb, rhodiola rosea, dried roots, elecampane, root, elecampane, dried root, small-leaved lime, flower dried, elderberry fruits, frozen, rhodiola rosea, dried roots, liquorice, root dried, millet, coriander, millet polished, top grade, nettle, stem, nettle, herb, nettle, dried stem, nettle, dried herb, oak, bark, oak, dried bark, littleleaf linden, leaves, nettle, top, nettle, dried top, littleleaf linden, dried leaves, elder, flowers with raceme , elder, dried flowers with raceme , elder, flowers without raceme , elder, dried flowers without raceme 
Products in conversion
Decertified products
Standard equivalent to Reg (EC) No 834/07, 889/08

Number of certificate and term of validity 21-0918-03-07 , 2022-12-31
Сertified activity Wild collection; Export/Import
Country Ukraine
Region Kyiv
Place Kyiv
Phone +38 063 764 5332
E-mail atalaiev@herbatica.com.ua;
Added 10.11.2017 17:42

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