"Scientific and Production Company "Elitphito", PE

Certificate expired
Company name "Scientific and Production Company "Elitphito", PE
Contact person
Organic products mustard seed oil , mustard seed fiber, sea buckhorn oil, pumpkin seed oil , pumpkin seed fiber, milk thistle oil, milk thistle seed fiber, flax seed oil , flaxseed fiber, sunflower oil, sunflower seed fiber, hemp seed oil, hemp seed fiber, amaranth seed oil, amaranth seed fiber, black cumin seed oil, black cumin seed fiber, walnut oil, walnut fiber , mix oil “male power”, мix oil «female pleasure”, mix oil «happy childhood”
Products in conversion
Decertified products
Standard equivalent to Reg (EC) No 834/07, 889/08

Number of certificate and term of validity 20-0303-06-01 , 2021-12-31
Сertified activity Processing; Export/Import
Country Ukraine
Place Ivano-Frankivsk city
Phone +38(067)343-10-45; +38(050)373-25-23; +38(034)272-27-41
E-mail info@elitphito.com;
Web-site www.elitphito.com

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