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Company name PRIMFOOD, PC
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Organic products oats flakes, buckwheat flakes, millet flakes, сorn flakes, flax seeds, sunflower kernel, hulled pumpkin seeds, wallnut kernel, ​dried figs, white mulberry, raisins  , ​apricots, dates, dates paste, dried figs paste, ​hazelnut, coconut sugar, banana flakes, coconut chips raw, quinoa, ​almond, chia seeds, muesli № 1, muesli № 2, muesli № 3, muesli № 4, muesli № 5, instant porridge № 1 , instant porridge № 2, instant porridge № 3 , instant porridge № 4, instant porridge № 5, instant porridge № 6, instant porridge № 7, instant oatmeal porridge with dried apricots , instant oatmeal porridge with figs, instant oatmeal porridge with dates , instant millet porridge with dried apricots, instant millet porridge with dates , instant millet porridge with figs , instant corn porridge with dried apricots, instant corn porridge with dates, instant corn porridge with figs , coconut chips raw, pistachio, fruit bar figs, fruit bar apricot, fruit bar multifruit, fruit bar dates, fruit bar plum, plum paste, dried carrot, dried pumpkin, dried plum, chickpeas, soybean, red lentils, green lentils, brown (red) lentil, yellow lentils , oats flour
Products in conversion
Decertified products
Standard equivalent to Reg (EC) No 834/07, 889/08

Number of certificate and term of validity 21-1084-01-02 , 2022-12-31
Сertified activity Processing; Export/Import
Country Ukraine
Place Kyiv city
Phone +38 050 247 4019

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