Elpis-Ukraine, LLC

Certificate valid
Company name Elpis-Ukraine, LLC
Contact person Natalіia Chorna
Organic products sweet flag, root, sweet flag, dried root, althaea, root, althaea, dried root, althaea, herb, althaea, dried herb, black chokeberry, fruits , black chokeberry, fruits dried, arnica montana, flowers , arnica montana, flowers dried, birch, leaf, birch, leaf dried, birch, buds , birch, buds dried, bogbean, leaf, bogbean, dried leaf, elderberry, flowers, elderberry, flowers dried, elderberry, fruits, elderberry fruits dried, common hedgenettle, herb, common hedgenettle, herb dried, common melilot, herb, common melilot, herb dried, lingonberry, leaf , lingonberry, leaf dried, lingonberry, fruits , lingonberry, fruits dried, willow, bark, willow, bark dried , common heather, herb, common heather, herb dried, marsh cinquefoil, root , marsh cinquefoil, root dried, cornflower, flowers, cornflower, flowers dried, cornflower, leaf , cornflower, leaf dried, rowanberry, fruits , rowanberry, fruits dried, hawthorn, fruits , hawthorn fruits dried, hawthorn, flowers , hawthorn, flowers dried, cranberry, fruits, cranberry fruits, dried, st john's-wort, herb , st john's-wort, herb dried, nettle, root , nettle, dried root , nettle, herb , stinging nettle, grass dried, nettle, leaf, nettle, leaf dried , white dead-nettle, root , white dead-nettle, root dried, white dead-nettle, herb , dead-nettle grass dried, white dead-nettle, leaf , white dead-nettle, leaf dried, lime, flowers , lime, flower dried, coltsfoot, leaf  , coltsfoot, leaf dried , lungwort, herb, lungwort, herb dried, common balm, leaf  , common balm, leaf dried, common balm, herb, common balm, herb dried, iceland moss , iceland moss. dried, sea-buckthorn, leaf , sea-buckthorn, leaf dried, sea-buckthorn, fruits , sea-buckthorn fruits, dried, wormwood, herb, wormwood, dried herb, pine, buds, pine, buds dried, field horsetail, herb, field horsetail, herb dried, immortelle, flowers, immortelle, flowers dried, celandine, herb , celandine, herb dried , bilberry, fruits , bilberry, fruits dried , rosehip, fruits, rosehip, fruits dried, hawthorn, flowers with leaves dried, rosehip fruit’s shell dried
Products in conversion
Decertified products
Standard equivalent to Reg (EC) No 834/07, 889/08

Number of certificate and term of validity 21-1547-01-02 , 2022-12-31
Сertified activity Wild collection; Processing; Export/Import
Country Ukraine
Region Kyiv
Place Kyiv city
Phone +38 044 223 3123; +38 067 406 1657
E-mail drozdovs1967@ukr.net; n.chorna@elpis.com.ua;n.chorna@elpis.com.ua;
Web-site www.elpis.ua

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