Terra, Ltd

Certificate valid
Company name Terra, Ltd
Contact person Volodymyr Lysikov
Organic products bulgur №1, bulgur №2, bulgur №3, bulgur №4, bulgur №5, winter wheat groats № 1, winter wheat groats № 2, winter wheat groats № 3, spring wheat groats № 1, spring wheat groats № 2, spring wheat groats № 3, millet polished, top grade, barley groats № 1, barley groats № 2, pearl barley groats no.1, spelt groats, rye groats, corn groats polished № 3, corn groats polished № 5, oatmeal, squashed oat groats, peas chipped polished, first grade , whole peas polished, first grade , oatmeal flakes instant preparation , instant oat flakes cut, wheat flakes instant preparation , pea flakes instant preparation , instant millet flakes , corn flakes instant preparation , barley flakes instant preparation, rye flakes instant preparation , instant spelt flakes , oats flakes, instant sliced oat flakes, instant buckwheat flakes, , mixture of 4 cereal flakes, instant, , mixture of 5 cereal flakes, instant , , mixture of 6 cereal flakes, instant , , mixture of 7 cereal flakes, instant , , millet flakes instant preparation, buckwheat, pea, corn, millet, rye, oats, spring wheat, winter wheat, barley, spelt (dinkel wheat), instant chickpea puree, instant pea puree, instant lentil puree, instant mashed beans, instant leguminous puree mix, instant mix of 3 cereal flakes , barley groats with vegetables and spices, couscous with vegetables and spices, couscous with italian herbs, spring wheat groats with vegetables, millet with vegetables and herbs, buckwheat with tomato and paprika, corn grits with vegetables and herbs, instant corn soup with mushrooms, instant spinach puree soup with mushrooms, instant mashed beans soup, instant creamy mushrooms soup with coconut milk, instant creamy lentil soup, instant creamy spinach soup with coconut milk, instant creamy pea soup with mushrooms and coconut milk, instant creamy chickpea soup , instant corn porridge with mushrooms and coconut milk, instant buckwheat porridge with vegetables and coconut milk, instant couscous with mushrooms, instant onion soup, instant tomato puree, instant chickpea flakes, , instant mix of 5 types of flakes + flax seed, instant mix of 4 types of cereals with brans, instant mix of 4 types of flakes with chia seeds, instant buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, instant couscous curry, instant oatmeal with dried apricot and coconut milk, instant oatmeal with apples and cinnamon , instant oatmeal with strawberries and coconut milk, instant oatmeal with strawberries, blackberries and coconut milk, instant oatmeal with blueberries and coconut milk, instant oatmeal with raspberries and coconut milk, buckwheat garnish soup with tomatoes and basil, lentil-pea garnish soup with vegetables, corn garnish soup with mushrooms and vegetables, millet garnish soup with vegetables, dill (greens) dried, parsley (greens) dried, onion dried, carrot dried, bell pepper dried, celery (roots) dried, celery (greens) dried, porcini dried, couscous, green buckwheat groats, green unground buckwheat groats, instant lentil flakes, instant bean flakes, ground mix of spices curry, flax, chick-pea, lentil
Products in conversion
Decertified products
Standard equivalent to Reg (EC) No 834/07, 889/08

Number of certificate and term of validity 22-0656-07-01 , 2023-12-31
Сertified activity Processing; Export/Import
Country Ukraine
Region Kharkiv region
Place Pеrvomaiskyi city
Phone +38(057)483-17-01, +38(057)483-17-02, +38(057)483-22-07,
E-mail n.lisenko@terra.ua,
Web-site www.terra.ua
Added 07.11.2016 10:45

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