"Company "ANGSTREM Trading", LTD

Certificate cancelled
Company name "Company "ANGSTREM Trading", LTD
Contact person Evhеnyi Borysovych Karpovych
Organic products rice groats regul polished rice, first grade, rice groats regul, polished rice, highest grade, rice groats regul, unpolished rice, first grade, bulgur
Products in conversion
Decertified products
Standard equivalent to Reg (EC) No 834/07, 889/08

Number of certificate and term of validity 21-1550-01-02 , 2022-12-31
Сertified activity Processing; Trade; Export/Import
Country Azerbaijan
Place Saint Petersburg
Phone 8-812-3039390; 8-812-303-9399; (доб 252)
E-mail adm@afg-national.ru; e.karpovich@afg-national.ru;e.karpovich@afg-national.ru;

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